REAL World – Day Three

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Another early day. The hotel room is immensely comfortable but I can’t seem to sleep. So I get up at 6am or so. It’s the last day so I’ve got to pack up. With my mild OCD, I check the room three times to make sure that I haven’t left anything, but I’m still convinced that I have.

REAL World early in the morningAnyway, I know the pattern by now that the hotel is setting up breakfast for the conference way before the 9am that they’re supposed to, so I slip down there for some cereal and OJ. The REALbasic talk has already begun at this early morning. Networking is some of the best aspects of going to conferences. I slip away to purchase some over priced crap from the hotel store for my wife and kids. They love that stuff. It is my tradition to purchase the most gaudy thing I can find for my wife. It’s funny but this small thing brings back the most intense memories of where we traveled to.

Paul Lefebvre is presenting on RBUnitI have time for only one session, and I chose Paul Lefebvre’s “Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development” session. I know about unit testing … but I haven’t really adopted this methodology. I have *got* to do it! I will be a much better developer for it and Paul demonstrated how important it is. Paul got his presentation right in that he provided the base information in the slides and then moved into RB and demonstrated RBUnit. Loved the code as it proves the point. Good job Paul.

With a sad quiet regret, it was time for me to depart REAL World. I had to catch a plane back to Hotlanta. I was going to catch a cab but Bill Marcy, of was waiting on the SuperShuttle and said it would be there in minutes. I had Pamela at the desk call them and confirm that there was room for me on the shuttle. Sweet! I just saved $12.

We talked on the way and Bill was even kind enough to purchase me lunch. A native of Manhattan, we were laughing how he wasn’t used to the laid back attitude of the Texans. I’ve purchased a couple of articles form RBLibrary and they’ve really helped me out; “Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with REALbasic” and “Databases for n00bs”. It’s a genius idea, RBLibrary. We shook hands and I left to catch my plane.

So … what’s the summary of REAL World? Bottom line, is that it was well worth it. I learned more about REAL Software, and the people that run it. Good people. I learned more about the RB community. Sharp, smart, funny, fascinating people from all over the US and the world.

I even learned more about RB. I’ve got to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirtier to really learn the RB way of doing things however.

Stuff I didn’t like: Too many slides. I like seeing things done in the actual environment. Sure, that means GPFs and syntax errors, but those errors are as educational as anything else taught in the sessions.

Someone made a passing mention that M$ might be interested in purchasing REAL Software. I almost collapsed right there. I was trying to get off of that train! Please no! Please no! Please no! Please no! Please no! Whoever said that didn’t think RS was for sale. At least not to M$. Whew! I almost panicked there.
I’ve got tons to write here as far as a summary and impressions, but unfortunately I’m running short of time. My family is about to leave on vacation and I’ve got a 6 hour drive ahead of me. Argh. Where’s that Mt. Dew?

RB rocks. It’s definitely in my future as my primary development tool. If I’m smart, I’ll make it back for REAL World 2008.

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