VFP SP 2 Released – So why do I feel so sad?

It’s getting around about the VFP SP 2 release.  Along with it comes the Beta for Sedna.  It’s available for download right now.

Download the SP and Sedna beta here.

It looks like there are several important bug fixes in the SP from the descriptions of others.  I’m going to wait just a couple of days and listen to the community and see if it is safe. 😀

Why do I have a feeling of sadness though?  Because this is the next to last release for a great product.  (1) This service pack and (2) an add-on to help Foxpro work better with .NET.  It is sad to see the official end of progress coming.

From that point on, it is up to our community.  People who love VFP will continue, and can continue to make VFP better.  Lots of VFP is written in VFP.   This is the gift of the VFP team.  They have modularized and extended VFP so that we can take control of our own future.   We can make a better Report Listener.  We can do lots.  We have the power to take VFP well into the future.

I still feel a sense of melancholy however in that Microsoft failed to recognize the greatness of a product that they themselves own.

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