AFUG : VFP Accessing MySQL

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Last night I had the honor of speaking at the Atlanta Foxpro Users Group meeting.  Time really got away from me but I cobbled together a presentation and demonstration on “VFP accessing MySQL”.

I think it went well.  I’m surprised at how many people hadn’t even considered MySQL as a viable alternative backend compared to VFP or SQL Server.  MySQL is a very good database system and VFP talks to it just fine!

For the presentation, I build my own little network in Max & Erma’s restaurant.  I had two MEPIS Linux laptops networked with a LinkSys router.  One had MySQL running on it, the other had a virtual machine with XP running and VFP running inside of that.  It worked slick although the connection process took longer than when I tested it in my house.  I still don’t know why.  Oh well.

To see my (brief) presentation write-up, visit my presentations page.

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