Lefebvre certifies Microsoft as “Insane”

I met Paul at the REAL World conference this year.  Very sharp guy.

Paul says that M$ isn’t dead, it’s gone off it’s rails insane.  Read more at his blog at Software Made Simple.

The Visual Foxpro crowd is left adrift same as the VB6 crowd that Paul mentions.  M$ expects us to enter their newly created .NET Hookah Lounge just because they coo and promise to “love you long time” if only we snack on their new technology?!?  Nancy Reagan told me to “Just Say No”.

  1. How come with M$, perpetually the “really cool” stuff is always in the next version out?
  2. Any time someone tries to solve all problems with one and only one tool …

Aw, forget it.  I’m tired of talking about it, honestly.  It’s time to sit this rich crazy uncle in the corner where he can’t draw me into his delusions.

Time for a walk in the clean open fresh air.

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