Converting and updating my system : Part 2

I started writing this “series” of entries a bit ago.  Yes, it has been a while since I wrote anything, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working on it.

After thinking over converting my database to MySQL, I decided that the licensing issues may be too risky if I decide to market and sell this as a product.   PostgreSQL has a very liberal license.  I have even less experience with PostgreSQL but I decided that this is the way to go.  I hope that I’m not sorry in the future.

I’ve worked on a couple of utilities to help me get going.  First is I converted Ed Leafe’s Stru2MySQL.prg program and created a Stru2PostgreSQL.prg program.  It seems to be clipping along nicely.  I need to make an adjustment to how the “not null” settings are made though.  I found this out while writing my script to upsize my data.  Lots of problems with the empty date fields and empty timestamp fields.

PostgreSQL is blazing fast, I must say.  I haven’t benchmarked it, but it seems in the same order of speed as MySQL.  I think my network is going to play a greater effect, or perhaps that is hard drive speed, than the speed of the database.

I did have a problem getting my security settings correct.  I could get my new user to see the tables inside of the schema, but I couldn’t get them the rights to query the data.  I finally changed the owner of the database to be the new user and things started clicking along.

So, I’ve got my data structures upsized, and I’ve got my data upsized after some struggle.  Now, I’m off to create a new application project based on my old project, and start switching the business objects and data objects to work against my PostgreSQL tables.

I hope that I learn to love PostgreSQL.  I know several people that I respect a lot, that do.  It’s been a bumpy start however.

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