FoxForward – Going to the Loafing Leprechaun

There were a couple of criticisms of the FoxForward conference last year and I aim to take those criticisms to heart and correct them for this year.

One criticism, and rightly so, is that the bar at the Hilton Garden Inn is tiny.  Heck, last year they were rebuilding it so that it was really non-existant.

Another criticism was that there wasn’t enough organization in regards to the after conference activities for the attendees to get together and have a bite to eat and have a drink and enjoy each others company.  We rush put something together last year and it could have gone more smoothly.

I am trying to do my homework now, for a better conference in September.  I took my wife and kids on a scouting mission to check out some of the restaurants in the area of the conference hotel.  I stopped in a couple that weren’t a good fit, but found a new restaurant (wasn’t there last year) called the Loafing Leprechaun, it is a Restaurant and Irish Pub.  Excellent food, good prices, full beer listing and wine list, great atmosphere.  I think we have a winner.

I had the Guinness Shepherd’s Pie.  Yummy.  Kim had the Crab Crusted Grouper.  It was also delicious.  All just a short walk across the street from the hotel.   I just need to find one additional location.  There are plenty of choices in the area.  I’ve got one down, and one to go.

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