FoxForward : New sponsorship by Servoy

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I am very pleased to announce that Servoy is now a Gold level sponsor of FoxForward. This company is making a serious effort to get the word out about it’s rapid development, cross-platform, development tools to the FoxPro crowd. I must say that I am intrigued by their products.

In talking with them, they wanted to make sure that the atmosphere of the FoxForward conference was a good combination for Servoy to get the word out. I definitely think it is. One of the mission goals of FoxForward is to be able to look at complimentary, and even competing technologies along side of FoxPro. FoxForward isn’t a hard sell on any product. We’re honestly take a look at other technologies, strengths and weaknesses.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a session on Servoy at the conference but I look forward to learning more about their product. I could definitely imagine a scenario where there is a FoxPro desktop application hitting a SQL Server, or MySQL, or PostgreSQL back end and the web application deployed (internally and externally) with Servoy. That would be a killer business application combination.

I think Servoy is a good fit with the mission of FoxForward and will be of interest to the attendees. Check them out … or … register for the conference and learn more in September!

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  1. Bob Kirsch

    Hi Kevin,

    We are working the logistics of attending FoxForward to give a presentation. I’ve also suggested that we try to do a webinar format for one of the sessions, and I know you are looking into that. For the developers that are interested we are having a Servoy overview webinar on Tuesday 8/7/07 @ 10:00am PDT. You will need to go to and register for Tuesdays’ session. We can also do private webinars for developers that want the information more quickly, just contact me and we’ll set one up.

    Thank You

    Bob Kirsch

    Ph: (805) 624-4959 ext 806

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