Ordered Grandma a Dell Ubuntu PC

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My mother, (my children’s grandmother) is sorely in need of a new computer. Her old one is running Windows ME and is in need of either (1) reformatting or (2) dropped into Lake Lanier. She doesn’t have Office and I can’t get OpenOffice to install on the damn thing. I also can’t get Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Yes, a wipe is needed but supporting the Dell Linux initiative and getting a modern machine is nice too. After all,I’m not supporting Windows anymore. Or so I think! HA! I can’t sink 6 hours to diagnose all of the viruses problems, spyware problems, plus the anti-virus problems, plus the anti-spyware problems.

So I went to http://dell.com/linux and configured a PC for my mother’s birthday. $479 later (plus $33 in tax) , I have the system ordered. Before you think that I’m pretty generous, I’m splitting it with my brother, sister and my father as a gift.  It’s nothing special of a computer except that I added 2G of RAM. That should do the trick for the next 7 years or so.

I’ll let you know when it arrives and how things work out.

No, I’m not worried one bit that Linux will be difficult for her to operate … because it’s not. 😀

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