Grandma’s Ubuntu Modem Follow-up

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I’m not going to Fry’s today.  It looks like they don’t carry a Linux compatible modem.

After more research it looks like there are only two Linux compatible PCI modems on the market.  I’m sure some of the others you could get working with some sort of wrapper but I’m not willing to go to that length, and it looks like the Hawking HM92P PCI Modem is the only one still readily available.  The other is the Stratitec IC56A modem but I’m not able to find it available either in a store or from an online merchant.

I was going to order the modem from but OfficeDepot had the same price for the modem and free shipping.  With tax, it comes to $16 even.  I hope it works when I get it here and plug it in.  Its been a long time since I’ve dealt with modems.

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