Grandma gets her Ubuntu computer

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I delivered and set up the computer on Friday night.  We scheduled an hour on Saturday morning to go over how to operate the computer.  I don’t think they really need it because it’s so easy.

For the printer, I checked Walmart to see what they carried.  There was a HP D1420 that was only $29 and got good reviews from the Linux crowd as Linux just talked to it just fine once plugged in.  Done deal.  We picked it up on the way Saturday morning.

Sure enough, Linux recognized it as soon as it was installed.  Test print was successful.  On to training my mother and father.  BTW, it was also my father’s 70th birthday.

They fired up the machine, logged in, clicked on the phone icon on the toolbar for the dialer.  The modem didn’t get the dial tone on the first try but did on the second.  I think I need to insert a pause somewhere.   Connected.  Thunderbird got their mail without a problem.  Firebird allowed them to browse the internet.  OpenOffice allowed them to read and create spreadsheets and documents without a hitch.

They’re surprised on how fast the computer starts up and shuts down.  I told them that it should stay fast over the years too.  Windows seems to slow down.  I’m not sure if that is solved with Vista.  Doubt it.

So, in conclusion, they love it.  They mention how great the computer is.  They’re glad to be off of NetZero and on  NetZero may have had a benefit of extra speed but it was eaten up by all of the advertizements.  My mother says that she doesn’t think that she needs broadband now either.  It’s plenty fast enough for what they are doing with their computer.

Mission accomplished.

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