One month until FoxForward 2007!

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It is getting to be a flurry of activity.  I’m about to send off the conference book to publishing.  I have to design the front and back cover of the book as this publisher allows for cover art.

I’m also trying to finish the design of the shirts.  The attendees will be getting t-shirts and the presenters will be getting white collared shirts.  I’m not sure how a printed shirt will look with a collar but Bo Durban assures me it will look good.  There.  See how I passed the buck on that one?!? 😀

It’s also time to remind the sponsors that the conference is approaching and to prepare to get me their glossy materials and give-aways for the conference.

I’ve also scheduled a meeting with the hotel to pick the menu for the conference.

So many details, so little time.

Please help me spread the word about the conference.  There is still lots of room for more attendees.  If you know of someone that would benefit from the conference, encourage them to attend.  Getting to Atlanta from almost anywhere in the US is cheap, cheap, cheap!

I can’t wait.  The conference is going to be a blast!

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