FoxForward and just a few weeks to go

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Gah.  It’s crunch time right now.  There’s stuff happening behind the scenes at a rapid pace now.

The shirts have arrived.  Attendees get a t-shirt with a FoxForward logo over the breast pocket and a large logo across the back.  I’m very pleased with the design of the shirts.  The image was taken from the space shuttle with the Aurora Borealis over the pole of the earth.  The sponsor logos are across the bottom of the image.  I think it looks cool.  The presenters/speakers are getting a golf shirt this year.  They get the same logo across the front pocket.  I just couldn’t put the logo on the back of a golf shirt though.  I’m hoping that the presenters will be able to wear the shirts into the office.  It’s always freaky to order almost $700 of shirts!

I’ve also placed an order for the conference books.  I ordered a test book first and it’s a good thing that I did.  There were a couple of small adjustments that needed to be made.   I’m using Lulu dot com for publishing.  It was pretty easy to deal with them as a publishing service.  The only problem in the process is that I don’t have Powerpoint.  I have’s Impress but it doesn’t print a border around the slide.  Bo Durban really helped me out by turning the PPT files into PDFs with the proper margins and headers and footers.  Lulu requires all fonts to be imbedded into the PDF documents and that was a pain to configure correctly.  The book is very nice with spiral bindings.  It’ll lay flat on the desk for the conference attendee to take notes.  The covers are durable and should be able to take some level of abuse.

I’m receiving some of the sponsor information and swag now.  It’ll be time to set up an assembly area soon, print out the attendee badges etc.  That’ll be here before I know it.  Time to put the kids to work!

Another really cool thing going on is that Bo Durban and Moxie Data, Inc. has purchased some really cool items from and we’ll be giving them away during the lunches!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what Bo has done here.  This will definitely bring some laughs and fun to the mid day breaks.  There will be coffee mugs with the caffeine molecule  on the side up to a wrist watch that you can play video files on and many items in between.  It is going to be hard eliminating myself from those give aways!

If you know of a colleague or friend that would benefit from going to a conference, in North America there is FoxForward in September and SW Fox in October.  German DevCon is in November.   I’m really excited about FoxForward and I know the other conferences will be excellent as well.  Please encourage others to sign up.  It will be well worth it, no doubt.

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