Frustration with KGhostView

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I dictate that we run MEPIS Linux in our house.  It’s a great balance between usability by using KDE, open-sourced software, and free software.  I like it.

MEPIS comes with KGhostView and KPDF for PDF reading.  It used to come with the Adobe Acrobat Reader but I think they didn’t include that in the latest versions.  Probably to get it to fit on a single CD.  So, even now, there’s plenty of choices for reading PDFs in MEPIS.

I’m really frustrated with KGhostView however.  It doesn’t render many PDFs … at all.  Blank pages show up.  And printing doesn’t accurately print the PDFs that show up properly either.  Frustrating because my wife will flippantly say things like “I’ll forward it to my work machine (Vista) and print it from there.”  Blood boiling!

I need to uninstall KGhostView on my wife’s laptop, and add in Adobe so that she has that plus KPDF to work with.  She recently had a PDF where even KPDF wouldn’t print properly!   What’s the deal?!?  This is the standard stuff that needs to work every time if Linux is going to continue it’s march towards increased market share.

What can I say?  It’s a rainy day.

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