Comcast Came Calling

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I received a phone call from Comcast today.

Current setup: Internet:Comcast ; TV:Dish with PVR ; Home Phone:AT&T Local ; Business Phone:Vonage

The telemarketer called to offer me a deal on switching to Comcast for my cable, Internet, and phone for just a little less money than I am paying now, for just a couple less channels than I’m getting right now. I told him that it didn’t sound like a good deal to me.

He was flabbergasted. Why wouldn’t I switch?!? I told him that the deal didn’t provide sufficient cost savings, or sufficient benefits to get me to switch. I also let him have it for how slow my Internet is. Other countries currently enjoy a much higher speed experience, for the same or less money than we experience in the USA. He stated that he wasn’t aware of any company offering that kind of speed in the US. I told him that I was aware of that but I’m wondering why we’re falling behind other countries so fast.

He then went on to say that our computers wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of Internet feed (> 30Mbps). I almost choked. I informed him that my computers handle feeds over my 100Mbps network just fine and wouldn’t have a problem with the 30Mbps feeds. He then fell back on the “I’m not aware of any other companies in the US offering that kind of speed.”

Yes, I’m aware of that but I said that just because your company isn’t any crappier than all of the other crappy companies, doesn’t mean that you’re not crappy in the first place.

I can be bought! I will switch over! Just give me reason to go through the hassle. More speed? Better channels? Better PVR? Less money? Something. Just give me a reason.

I’m waiting.

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