Got a new Puppy

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My kids demanded it.  They were fighting, causing trouble.  I finally gave in.

They were fighting over the computer.  I had some (very) old laptops hanging around and I decided to slap Puppy Linux on one of them.  Just damn.  Every time I try Puppy, it is astounding.  Stupid name, great product.

This doorstop of a laptop once cost over $4,000 and now it just plain was sitting there gathering dust.  Puppy rocks on this thing.  The laptop is so old that it didn’t have a built in ethernet card in it.  A PCMCIA card (Netgear FA511) had just a bit of trouble with Puppy.  By probing it using “modprobe tulip” got the card identified.  A quick call to the DHCP server and we’re rocking along to the internet.

Astounding on how quick the thing is.  Starts up in under 30 seconds off of the HD, applications work as they should.  Awesome.

My REALbasic application that hits the Internet also works on it.  Kevin is happy.

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