InfoWorld article on REALbasic

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Here is a short but sweet article on REALbasic from InfoWorld.

The main gist of the article is that RB2008R1 will be gaining the features of introspection and possibly some web features.  What I’m wondering is if these two things are directly related.  To create an AJAX version of a RB form, say, a program could use introspection to recurse through the form as an object, creating the equivalent HTML based controls.  Very cool.  The Visual FoxPro world has had this demonstrated by Rick Strahl’s West-Wind Web Connect product and it’s DHTML based forms.  While that form of development never really took off for WWWC, if it was combined with more AJAX code to seamlessly integrate the client and server side code, it would be a powerful tool for RB developers and any developer interested in RAD web applications.

I can’t wait for the keynote at REAL World conference in March.

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