Visual Foxpro Sedna released

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The long awaited, and long overdue Sedna has been released for Visual Foxpro. Sedna is a tool kit with some improvements to VFP, however most of the improvements deal with increasing the ease of VFP to talk to .NET and to ease .NET to talk to VFP. They’ve always been able to talk together, now it’s just easier.

The features I’m most interested in is the enhancements to the Data Explorer, and the addition of the “My” intellisense additions.

One concern is that the system requirements include SP2 for VFP. So far, I haven’t upgraded to SP2 because of a couple (a few) of small bugs that I have been hearing about. I don’t believe that they would really affect me, but I’ve taken the cautious approach here. Perhaps I’ll wait a while to see how Sedna is behaving. The “My” area is very tempting however.

This will most likely be the last update from MicroSoft for my beloved VFP.  MicroSoft has released a lot of VFP as open sourced code to the community however.  Developers smarter than I, will be able to make enhancements far into the future.  A small core (typically written in C++) will remain locked however.  This means no native 64 bit VFP.

Well, no reason to be sad.  This is a happy day.  Another day in a long history of days where VFP takes a great stride forward, keeping it one of the most productive software development tools in the world.

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