KDiff3 Saves The Day

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I’m working for a client doing ASP (Classic) with some COMs against a SQL Server back end. All of a sudden IE7 has a problem with the login page with javascript on one of the servers, but not the others.

I’m on a Linux laptop and I have left my Beyond Compare behind on my Windows box at home. What’s a poor Linux guy to do?

Google “linux text compare tool” and find KDiff3, that’s what. I didn’t have it in my KDE installation, so I opened up Synaptic, downloaded and installed, and I’m up and running in a matter of minutes. What a nice interface too. Simple and to the point.

So, after comparing the two ASP files, what did I find was IE’s problem? Nothing. The files were exactly identical. It turns out that IE is having some sort of DNS hiccup somewhere that when hitting one server, it runs the javascript. When hitting another server, no go.

IE: -5 points for behaving badly.

KDE team with the KDiff3 developer of Joachim Eibl: +20 points for developing a cool, useful tool.

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