Windows Monitor Demoted; Linux promoted

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I’ve run this setup for a long time: Windows XP machine with dual monitors of 1 17″ LCD at 1280×1024 and a 19″ CRT at 1600×1200.  My  MEPIS Linux laptop was running off of it’s LCD monitor at 1440×800.

I’ve been doing more and more web design work and less Visual Foxpro work.  My favorite web tools are on Linux to be honest.  I love Quanta+ as an HTML and CSS editor.  I even like the FTP tools available on Linux where I use both Konqueror and gFTP to transfer files around.  So here I am, doing more work on my Linux laptop, craning my neck.  What am I going to do about it.

Today I had enough.  I removed my 19″ CRT monitor from my desktop and switched it back to single monitor.  My laptop won’t do dual monitor (stretching the desktop onto two monitors) but with the 4 desktops on my Linux, I don’t think I’ll miss it.   I had to edit my xorg.conf to add the 1600×1200 resolution to the file, and with a quick “CTRL+ALT+Backspace” to restart the graphical environment, the monitor fired up with tons of space on the desktop, plus three more just like it!  Happiness.

I’ve had to bump up the font size on a couple of screens but that’s hardly worth mentioning.  This monitor is also just slightly more blurry than an LCD screen is.  I’d love to get a couple of LCD monitors and the Matrox DualHead2Go appliance to get my modest laptop to be totally rocking.  Money is tight however.

My only real problem is that I look at this monitor and keep wanting to go to the wrong keyboard.  That should resolve itself in a day or two to retrain my brain. 🙂

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