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I’ve got two blogs, and I use WordPress for a wide variety of my clients as a way for them to update their web sites.  It’s worked out very well.  It’s always been a pain, and a worry, to keep all of their WordPress installations updated.  In fact, this blog has been attacked many times with people posting all sorts of nasty stuff in the blogroll.

I’m hoping that I have found a good solution.  There is a plugin that makes updating of WordPress sites easy to do.  Well, in steps the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin.  Very nice.  I’m not using the Automatic feature.  I’m stepping through the Upgrade process, but it is painless.  Painless, I tell you!

If you have a WordPress blog, get this plugin.  My thanks to Keith Dsouza and TechieBuzz.com for helping out and keeping the bad guys at bay.

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