MP3 Download from Walmart : FAIL

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I’m really liking that we can now purchase DRM free music in the form of MP3s.  Napster, Amazon, Walmart, and others finally are providing the way to purchase music without handcuffs for personal use.  I’m finally glad to see the music industry to get that bug out of their … but something isn’t quite right.

I purchased some songs the other day for my son from  No problem whatsoever.

Walmart is another story.  I’m running Linux, and evidently this is a problem.  Walmart wants me to update my computer to a more modern version of Windows.  I’m sorry, I can’t do that.  Or should I say, I’m unwilling to do that.  FAIL.  I’m happy to purchase a song for $0.99 (and cheaper) if it is DRM free.  I don’t want hassles.  I just want to listen to my music.  I don’t get it.

Napster is just plain confusing.  I have to sign up before I can figure out what music they have?  I can’t shop around to find music I want to purchase before signing up?  FAIL.

Does anyone have any other great DRM free music sites?  I’m liking this freedom and I have my wallet ready and open.

While I’m on this kick, why aren’t artists offering albums and songs directly from their web site?  It seems natural to purchase an album directly from the artist.  I’d love to know that they’re getting a greater slice of the pie.  How come the Internet isn’t more of a disruptive influence between artists and record companies and the money that in the darkness binds them?!?

Sigh.  We’ve come so far, and we have so far left to go.

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