Garmin Nuvi Map Update – A long hard road to map

My wife surprised me with a GPS system for my birthday last month, and I love it.  Georgia is a difficult state to navigate around.  Each of the older roads are named for where they go.   This means that the roads end up changing names every 5 miles or less.  For example, Roswell Rd. is the road that goes to the city of Roswell.  However, things get difficult when you are in Roswell, that same road is named Atlanta Hwy because … it leads back to Atlanta.  Of course the road just doesn’t end in Roswell but it keeps going, and keeps changing names.  You see my difficulty in driving in this city.

Along with the name change  issue, the road signs are miniscule and far off the road.  Forget it if it is night time, and you’re looking for a particular turn.  Add to that that the road signs have often been mangled by trucks taking too sharp of a corner, and you might as well give up.

My friend suggested that I check with Garmin to see if I get a free update to the maps, and I did!  Yeah Garmin!

I had to update my GPS software however and it only has software for Windows and Mac.  Small boo for Garmin.

They allow for the download of an EXE that is 2G in size and allow that to happen through the Firefox browser.  Yeah Garmin!

They require a downloader piece of software that wouldn’t work with Firefox, but did work through Internet Explorer.  Boo Garmin.

After downloading the software, I can run it from my network server, but it takes forever to extract.  Hmmm.

After validating my software with my Nuvi 350 GPS, it then says that I need more space on my C:\ drive and it doesn’t allow me to specify a different drive.  Boo Garmin.

It says that I need about 6G of space on my C:\ drive.  I clean and clean and risk instability, but I couldn’t get enough space.  My F:\ partition has enough space but that’s not an option for the software.  Boo Garmin.

My son’s computer normally boots to MEPIS Linux, but he’s also got the remnants of Windows and he’s got just enough space for this process; 9G free.  Whew.  Lucky!

After about 30 minutes of extracting the file over the network, and an hour of updates, I’ve got my new maps.  Yeah Garmin!

Dang, that was a long hard road to travel to get me to travel our long hard roads.  I’ll let you know if the maps are any better.  My old Nuvi thinks the road in front of my neighborhood is one way and likes to send me a crazy path.  I hope it’s better now.

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  1. alsmith

    Thanks. I lived in NE Atalanta for several years. I never got used to the small unlit rode signs. I moved back to Florida. Garmin & Linux sounds like a good match. I’ll check it out.

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