New business cards

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So I’m designing new business cards for CULLY Technologies and ordering through an online print store. I created my own design and uploaded that. Extra charge. Premium paper. Extra charge. Speedy delivery. Extra charge. I’m looking at the total and it’s starting to add up *however* I don’t have a problem with any of these extra charges and think it’s worth it.

When checking out, they offer a return of address labels for about $3.99. I normally just write mine in and I’m thinking about ordering the address labels as well. But then I spot something that’s not right. If I was to add the address labels, the shipping would have gone up an additional $3! No way, no how!!!

So now I’m wondering if I was taken for a ride on all of the previous options I was gladly going to sign off on. I review my order and decide to go with my original choices. It added up to more than I originally wanted to spend but I’m thinking this will last me for 5 years or so.

Moral of the story: watch out for extra “gotcha” expenses and keep your wits about you. (And by the word “you”, I mean “me”.)

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