CULLYTech ctEggTimer v1.5 Released!

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I skipped over version 1.4 and I’m jumping right to version 1.5. I’d like to thank the many of the users of the timer and the suggestions that have been pouring in. I couldn’t get to them all for this release but I’m pleased with where it is right now.

The major enhancement is the addition of warning sounds. This was based on a suggestion where a conference presenter wanted to be warned close to the ending of his session so he could give a good wrap-up. See. The timer is used in unexpected ways! I love that.

The settings are also now saved in a SQLite database named ctEggTimer.rsd. You can access it via any SQLite Database manager and see what is inside of it. Basically, it is used to save your settings and reload them when the Egg Timer is restarted.

I’m next going to be working on major enhancements for version 2.0. I’m hoping to have better notification of the end of the timer, sound selection, and more. If you have an enhancement request, just email me and I’ll do my best to include it in version 2.0.

I also may make version 2.0 “for sale”. I’ve always been curious on whether this will work out, so this is a social experiment as well. I will probably sell version 2.0 for $3US or something like that. We’ll see whether people will pay a “micro” payment for a small utility program.

Downloads here:

The ctEggTimer application is written in REAL Studio 2010r1!


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