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This morning I was looking around for how to adjust the font for a row of sales figures in a listbox. I wanted the refunds to show in red italic, and the regular records to show in the default black font. Luckily REAL Studio makes this easy … as long as you know where to put the code.
Function CellTextPaint(g As Graphics, row As Integer, column As Integer, x as Integer, y as Integer) As Boolean

IF InStr( me.RowTag( Row ), "") > 0 THEN
g.ForeColor = RGB( 192, 0, 0 )
g.Italic = True

End Function

You can see that there are many parameters passed to the CellTextPaint method of the ListBox object. In my example, I was adding a “” as a flag to the RowTag of the listbox. If the rowtag had that flag, it was a refund and we set the graphics object to have a forecolor of a dark red, and set the Italics to be true.

What originally threw me is that I have to think of g (Graphics object) as the “row”. A bit misleading but you can see it is very easy to adjust the font on a listbox. I hope this helps someone out! Even if it’s a future version of me!

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