Speaking at DAFUG on 12 May 2011

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Rick Schummer reached out to me and asked me if I would speak to the Detroit Area Foxpro Users Group. I was delighted to accept that offer. I didn’t want to make the announcement before Rick did so … mum was the word. The announcement went out so I can now blab all I want!

I’ll be speaking on “REAL Studio for the VFP Developer”. As all of you know, I love me some Visual Foxpro. The Visual Foxpro development team has done an incredible job with that product over the many many years of it’s active development. Thank you Fox Software! And yes, a big ‘Thank You’ to MicroSoft for version 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and (especially) 9 of Visual Foxpro! Many, many sincere gratitudes go out to all of the VFPX developers as well keeping the progress of the open-sourced parts of Foxpro going! The hard labors of genius developers are moving Foxpro forward.

So, what you won’t hear at my presentation in May is that I want you to abandon Visual Foxpro for REAL Studio.

What you will hear, is that I do think you should add REAL Studio to your development toolbox. I found that my Visual Foxpro skills and Visual Foxpro mindset is a natural fit for the REAL Studio development environment. I find that joy in development that I have doing Visual Foxpro, I can also have in REAL Studio.

What I’ll be going over in the presentation:

  • How VFP and REAL Studio compare
  • What are the strengths of REAL Studio
  • What are the weaknesses of REAL Studio
  • Development ‘gotchas’ in REAL Studio
  • How to build a desktop application from scratch
  • How to call one window from another
  • How to access databases
  • How to create and run a report
  • How to build for target Linux, Mac and Windows platforms
  • A small bit about building Web Applications with REAL Studio
  • More!

If you are in the Detroit area, on Thursday May 12th, please stop in and say ‘hello’!

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