Linux notify-send – time parameter ignored

I’m trying to add some notification capabilities to a cross-platform application that I am building. On Linux I was happy to find the notify-send utility which does a nice job of notifying the user that something occurred inside of the application. Something was strange about it though. The expiration-time parameter is ignored. No matter what I set the -t option to be, the notification still displayed the same duration of time.

notify-send -t 10 "Header" "Body"

After Googling around for a while, I ran across a message board confirming what I was suspecting. Evidently this has been the behavior since 2009 at least and people are asking for a change in the documentation.

I would agree that the documentation should be changed to reflect the current state of the command. I’m a bit sad that this change has been needed for several years now and someone hasn’t been able to get the change in the documentation, or better yet, change the command so the notification timeout is honored.

I hope this helps someone else confirm this behavior more quickly than I was able.

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