Visual Foxpro to Real Studio Converter – 0.2beta

Hello Visual Foxpro Programmers,

Here’s an update to the ‘Visual Foxpro to Real Studio Converter’. I’ve just released version 0.2Beta.

There are numerous updates including:

  • The Real Studio project now properly identifies the forms as belonging to the project.
  • More controls are converted such as the Option Groups and Image Controls
  • The method code for the forms and command buttons are converted into the Real Studio Windows, but are commented out. This should make it so you can manually convert your code into RealBasic.
  • The project is now under the MIT license which is very open and friendly.

I hope that you find the project interesting, and … helpful! If you make enhancements, or find a bug, just let me know.

I hope that you find Real Studio as easy and fun to develop in as I do.


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