Announcement: ChartPart 4.2

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We are pleased to announce that CULLY Technologies has released a new version of ChartPart for Xojo developers. If you want charts in your desktop or web applications written in Xojo, consider using ChartPart.
NOTE: This version breaks backwards compatibility. Please fully test your chart generation carefully.

Here are some of the new features in ChartPart version 4.2:

  1. Multiple series, each with multiple values to be charted. Previous versions only allowed one series.
  2. New chart type: Stacked bar
  3. Can now chart negative values in bar, line, and stacked bar chart types.
  4. Series label and location options.
  5. More value label options and options for the location of the labels.
  6. Still free for commercial and open-sourced projects.

ChartPart is a subclass of the Xojo canvas, and is easy to setup and display in your applications.

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