Linux Mint 17 released. Looking good.

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I’ve just installed and tested Linux Mint 17 with the Cinnamon interface in the 32bit version, for about 5 minutes. So far so good. As a Xojo developer, Linux performance has been degrading on Ubuntu ever since Unity came along. Many of us Xojo developers are turning to Linux Mint for development and testing of our applications on Linux.

It took a bit to download the 1.3G file via the Torrents. The download speed was bouncing around all over, but it still came down in about 30 minutes or so.

Selection_023One UI change that I *needed* to make is to the theme. By default, the window border is set to zero and it is incredibly hard for me to grab the edge of a window for resizing. I may have poor hand+eye+mouse coordination. Perhaps I should check with my doctor, but that’s another issue altogether. I went to “Control Center / Appearance / Theme Tab / Customize … / Window Boarder”. I chose “Spidey-Left” which still looks very “Minty” but has a permanent border that is a couple of pixels wide that allows me to resize windows without frustration.

Testing Xojo
I installed Xojo via the Deb package, and it ran without issue. Speed seems to be fine with my right+click test having the menu appear between 0 (zero) and 1 second.

So far so good. Give Mint 17 a spin!

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