Linux Mint 17 is much faster, except …

I finally sucked it up and upgraded my development laptop from Ubuntu 13.10 with the Unity interface to LinuxMint 17 with the Cinnamon interface. I am very happy. With Unity, I was always wondering if my hard drive was failing. Opening programs was soooo slow. I couldn’t stand it. Now with Mint, things are very speedy. All of this speed might be because it is a new installation, but I’m pleased none-the-less.

The actual installation of Mint took about 20 minutes. I AM SERIOUS. 20 minutes! Copying my home directory back onto the laptop took a couple of hours. If I had a few hundred dollars, I would have loved to upgrade my HD to a SSD drive. I think it would have done wonders. The 8 core CPU certainly isn’t hardly being taxed. Even my 8G of RAM isn’t too shabby. I’m thinking this 1T HD is the bottleneck. Yes, it has an 8G SSD drive that is used for the swap, and the master boot record but I think I’m somehow under utilizing it. If it was a tad larger, I’d install the OS to it and move my /home directory onto the 1T drive.

Here is my “Except…”
I have written a small utility in my favorite language of Xojo. The utility does some simple things in Xojo and times the number of operations per second thus it is a benchmarking application. Get it here for Windows, Mac and Linux: ctBenchMark

I was a little disappointed to be honest. I thought that Mint would be faster. It certainly is when running other Linux applications. I figure the difference is that Xojo applications are only 32bit for now. 64bit is coming sometime in 2015. (My estimated release date, not necessarily Xojo’s.)

Here are my averages:

Platform Win Move Test DB Test Math Test
Ubuntu 13.10 Unity 3,486 / sec. 9 / sec. 536,525
LinuxMint 17 Cinnamon 3,096 / sec. 8 / sec. 263,761

So, how is the performance so much better with 64bit applications, but so similar (except for a drop in Math test scores) for the Xojo applications? I figure that Mint hasn’t done any optimization on 32bit applications and just uses the same Ubuntu and Debian layer of classes that Ubuntu (naturally) uses.

As I said, I was a little disappointed. It took the wind out of my sails a bit. Anyway, the VMs load a lot quicker. I’ll just have to hold on for the 64bit Xojo appplications to come sometime next year. It won’t be too soon.

I’m still a Mint fan, and I’m still a Xojo fan. We can always use more speed no matter where it comes from … or even when.

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