My new music player on Linux is console based

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I was listening to the Linux Action Show and they highlighted the application “Music on Console” a.k.a. MOC. I took it for a spin and was hooked.

MOC [play] - 11 Audioslave - Bring 'em Back Alive (Audioslave)_072

MOC was in the Ubuntu repos so adding it was easy via the Software Manager. You can also sudo apt-get install mocp. To run, open a terminal and enter mocp and it should start up. There are ways to customize the themes and make it look much nicer including having transparent backgrounds, themes and more. I’ll let you search for that on your own.

Here are a few shortcuts that are helpful:
(Remember that CaPiTaLiZaTiOn matters!)

? or h ==> get help
A ==> add music files recursively to the playlist
C ==> Clear the playlist
Y ==> Remove playlist entries for non-existent files
[Space] ==> play/pause currently selected song
s ==> stop playing
S ==> shuffle playlist
[Tab] ==> switch between panels
, ==> increase volume by 5%
. ==> decrease volume by 5%
Q ==> quit mocp

When I run htop, it barely shows 3% CPU utilization. Most of the time it is less than 2% CPU.

One feature request that I’d like is a way to shuffle the playlist order. You can play the playlist in shuffle order, but there’s no way of seeing what the next random song will be. If I could shuffle the playlist, I could play it in straight order. It’d be a ‘nice to have’ feature.

I liked Clementine and Banshee, but I didn’t need all of the album art and all of the confusion and overhead. MOC is really nice, simple, light weight and fast. That’s all I need.

More info:
How to install MOC
More MOC shortcuts
A MOC demo video

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