My Black Friday mistakes

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My first mistake was answering the phone.

Let me back up. I was railing, RAILING, on the stores that were [1] open on Thanksgiving and/or [2] opening even earlier than previous years on Thanksgiving. I was trying to shame stores into closing on Thanksgiving for next year. I promised to spend less at stores that were open on Thanksgiving.

Do I have a problem with stores making a profit: No. I love it when stores make money by providing goods and services at a reasonable price with good customer service.

Should it be against the law for individuals to shop at stores on Thanksgiving. A big No there. People may think differently than I do and I shouldn’t take away their freedom for something simple like this. We can disagree and I’m okay with that.

Should it be a law that stores are closed on Thanksgiving? No. That’s ridiculous. Stores should do as they see fit to provide the goods and services to their customers. The flip side is that I should be free to speak that I will not be spending as much money at these stores.

I want to use my fiscal power and my social media contacts to help encourage stores to be closed on this holiday and to allow their workers to be home with their families. I wasn’t able to spend time with my nephew on Thanksgiving because he was working in a big box electronics store that day. In my opinion, people can spend extra money on Friday, Saturday and every day up to Christmas as they see fit. I felt bad for the people compelled to work.

Here’s where I went wrong:

1. I answered the phone

My brother was calling me. Normally he only calls when he needs technical support. I guess this might qualify.

2. He wanted me to go out on Black Friday…

I was doing some home improvement around the house. Happy as a clam. I don’t think I’ve ever been out shopping on Black Friday but my brother was begging me to leave the comforts of my home for …

3. He wanted me to go to Target …

Yup, Target store. Recently highlighted in the news for their hacked credit card information and registers. Target that was, not only open on Thanksgiving, but opening their stores even earlier this year than previous years.

4. To buy an Apple Ipad Air …

I really, really don’t like Apple as a company. They have proprietary hardware and software that appears to lock in their customers to their services. Sigh. For more information refer to this article on 5 Reasons You Should Be Scared of Apple or 9 Signs You Should Be Scared of Apple or Forget Google – it’s Apple that is turning into the evil empire or many more. Plenty of reasons to avoid Apple products.

My brother begged me to get the iPad Air (not the iPad Air 2) for a relative. (Not me BTW). It was on sale for $399 with a $100 Target gift card. Was that a good deal? I have no clue. It’s what he wanted me to get.

So I guess I’m a sucker. I went out to Target. {Shudder} It was like being in an episode of “The Walking Dead”. I survived it but I needed a drink when I got home. And I don’t normally drink. Crowded. Not very much help. Crowded. I survived.

Moral of the story: I shouldn’t answer my phone. And that’s what I did wrong on Black Friday.

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