Porch Bed – Dreaming of a good nap

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As you are starting to learn about me, I’m a dreamer. Hopefully I follow through on these dreams. I don’t want to be all talk, no action. I figure it is okay to be a dreamer if I do something about it, right?

Years and years ago, on a vacation to the beach, the facility had a porch bed overlooking the water. The porch bed drifted in the wind and always made me relax. I’ve dreamed since that time about having a porch bed of my own to nap on. I’m still dreaming. The day is coming where I’ll get off the starting block and build my own.

The dream: a porch bed

I already have most of the materials. I have a twin mattress. I have a water/weatherproof cover for the mattress. I have lumber for the frame. I would need to get the eye hooks, bolts and chain to hang the porch bed but that’s just a trip to Ace Hardware or Lowes. I figure I can build my own porch bed to my own specifications for about $100. Some porch beds are for sale for $1,600!!!

If someone told you as a kid that you would spend 1/3rd of your life asleep, and as you get to middle-age that the time asleep is the part that you most look forward to, would you believe them?

The day is coming. I’ve got to make this dream come true! I can build this myself.

Part of the problem is where to locate the porch bed? Front porch? Back porch? Elsewhere? Space is at a premium. The space on our porches are tight and the porch bed needs a bit of space to sway in the wind. I can custom build the frame focusing on minimizing the length. That’ll help. I think our back porch is the place.

The issue with the back porch is that the lower 3 feet is clad in exterior siding. I’d really like to have a screened in porch all the way to the floor. If I pull off all of the siding, then I’m left with areas that aren’t screened. Unfortunately whoever built the deck didn’t standardize the width of the framing so every screen is a custom size. I need to do some math to determine if I can standardize the gap sizes so I can get some standard screen panels. It’d be helpful to be able to remove the panels for Spring cleaning, especially when we get the epic pollen counts that we have in Georgia.

I’m getting ahead of myself. First step: porch bed. Step 2: nap. Step 3: everything else.