A Better Better Mousetrap

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I live on a little farm. I was picking blueberries before I headed into work doing IT stuff.

And we have mice. We try to live a “natural” live with the exception of mowing the grass and mowing the forest. Yes, we mow paths through the forest to allow for hikes. I cut down poison ivy instead of spraying it with Roundup(tm) or other chemicals. I think it’s a better and cheaper way of maintaining my property. With “natural” that means that we get mice and other rodents. Snakes, hawks and owls control some of them. But once they get inside of my buildings, then I have set out some mouse traps.

I’ve tried many brands of mouse traps over the years and they operate to various efficiency. The best mouse trap that I’ve found is from The Better Mouse Trap company. I just ordered *another* set of these beauties. These mousetraps are easy to set, easy to dispose of the dead bodies (DBs), easy to bait, and reasonably priced.

We have small mice in Georgia. They are tiny. I’ve got other mousetraps and the bait gets gone. These small mice steal the bait without setting off the mousetrap. These Better Mousetraps work! A cotton ball could set these off. Yes there are videos on the Intertubes about that. These traps are so sensitive that even these little mice will set them off. Effective and that’s what I want!

There is one problem with these traps. I’ll tell you what that is and how to solve it. The problem is that the mousetrap is light. It doesn’t weigh very much. It often happens that in the process of expiring, that the mouse can kick and run a bit and the mousetrap “disappears” off to somewhere I can’t find. The solution is to drill two small holes into the trap such as a 1/8″ hole in the back of the trap. I then thread some thin wire or string through the holes and then tie that wire (or string) to something else. Often times I put these traps on metal shelving, which often has holes in the vertical supports for the adjustable shelving. I use those holes. The traps never disappear on me. They just have my expired mouse in the trap. I then untie the wire, and dispose of the DB. Perfect!

So with just a couple minutes of extra work, you’ll have a better, better mousetrap.