My ATV “The Hulk” is having some troubles

I keep my ATV which is affectionately called “The Hulk” in my pole barn. It’s called The Hulk because it’s big, green, strong, has a temper, but with a heart of gold. Unfortunately, the “temper” part if it is getting worse. BTW, The Hulk is almost 20 years old and the previous owner kept it out in the weather under a tarp. Oh, and mice like to live in The Hulk.

I went to use it for “Pickup Sticks” at Redbud and it started right up. It was idling fine. Once I backed it out and pulled it up to the trailer however, it would die if you didn’t give it gas. Basically it wouldn’t idle. This happens on occasion. The Hulk has good days and it has bad days. This was going to be a bad day. I get the trailer hooked up and pull it to the front and then I see some sticks to pick up and I stop The Hulk and the motor cuts off. I proceed to pick up the sticks/trees and The Hulk starts up again and I pull forward and stop. Repeat for quite a bit as I drive around Redbud.

I’m about to exit our fenced in area and … I couldn’t get The Hulk started. I tried and tried. I removed the battery and took it back to The Hangar for charging. I charged it for a couple of hours and I spent that time cleaning up The Hangar.

I took the battery back out to The Hulk and it started! I drove it around to drop off the load of sticks into the woods and continues a second pass to pick up sticks and … it conked out. I couldn’t get it to start.

I promised myself as a kid that I’d never have a vehicle that wouldn’t start. I’m going to have to find a motorcycle mechanic that will work on ATVs. It might be that there is a crack in the exhaust pipe and that is lowering the back pressure to the motor causing it to run rich. What I don’t know about motors is a lot. I don’t want to throw good money after bad, but a used ATV is somewhere around $3K-$4K. I have other projects that I can be putting that money towards.

Stay tuned. It’s just what happens with life on a farm.