Tasks are in progress

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Here are the big tasks in progress:

  1. The arborist is going to come out in the next couple of days to remove the 8 remaining sweetgum trees in the front yard. I’ve only been waiting for almost a month! They say they have a broken chipper.
  2. The 2001 Nissan Sentra got dropped off yesterday at the mechanic. It’s leaking oil again. We’ll see how much this costs. Yikes.
  3. I’m going to be dropping off my ATV “The Hulk” at the shop close to work. It won’t start. It tries. There’s probably a plethora of issues with it. We’ll see how much this costs. Yikes * 2. I need my Hulk to do farm work. Sigh.

So many smaller projects. I can’t get to them all. Just your typical summer at Redbud.