Pretenders, Journey, Def Leppard

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So Saturday Kim and I went to the super-concert: Pretenders, Journey and Def Leppard. I totally splurged on Kim’s birthday present and we got the VIP package. Unfortunately they had sold out of the package where it was the “meet the band” package, but we got a bunch of swag and killer seats. And we got to get in early and we got to sit in air conditioned seating until close to when the concert started. Unfortunately it didn’t give us any special treatment on how we left Suntrust Park. It took us hours to leave. All lanes to 75N were blocked with construction.

Was it worth all of that money? Maybe? Kim sure had a good time. It was two of her top 3 bands. (The other favorite band is Heart.) It sure was a lot of money for us, but we could afford it because we [1] don’t drink [2] don’t smoke [3] don’t go out to eat [4] don’t go on vacation (often) [5] don’t have high cell phone bills [6] don’t have a car payment (we drive until the wheels come off!) [7] don’t go out to the movies and [8] don’t have a high cable bill. All of this stuff adds up and allows us to do a lot while making a very meager income(s).

Anywhoo, here’s a funny story that was told to us by the nice couple sitting to our right at the concert. They also had the VIP package but they entered Suntrust Park and got turned around a bit. They were walking all over and they never got directions from their ‘greeter’. So they were walking left and then they walked right all over. Finally they got hooked up with a greeter and he said “we’ll take this elevator and get you right over to the Band Meet And Greet.” (They didn’t have the band-meet-and-greet package. Just like our package.) The husband piped right up and said “We don’t want to do that! We’ve been already walking all over and that’s too far!” Can you imagine?!? Been walking too far to meet Def Leppard in person?!? The wife was aghast and she tried to speak up but the damage was done. They got escorted to the VIP room but never got to meet Def Leppard. I hope that husband likes sleeping outdoors!!! Kim would have killed me. Killed me! Divorce. Publish shaming. Something. I’d never hear the end of it.

We enjoyed the concert. Evidently there was a problem with Ticketmaster so that a whole bunch of people didn’t get into the park before The Pretenders started. They rocked. I feel sorry for those people.

Hopefully it won’t be 8 years before our next concert.