No Comments on Banking

The USA seems to be consolidating their banking into several huge banks. Their service seems to be as you would expect. I have my corporate account with a small local bank but I’m in the process of shutting down that business and eventually that account.

It’s not often that I praise a bank but I must say that Ally Bank has treated us really well. They’ve increased their rates again recently. We’ve been at another big bank, and they would never ever (!) give you a rate increase. Their representatives would scoff and treat you poorly while berating you “why didn’t you call in and ask for the increase? Oh, we can’t increase your rate with your existing account. We’ll have to switch you to another account.” Whu?!? Ally Bank has been great. They just do the right thing. They treat us like a customer.

That’s it. Today’s post is about … banking. Poor banking and … a rarity … good banking. You have a choice on how you are treated.