CULLYTech Timer v1.3

More good feedback and more changes to the CULLYTech Pomodoro Timer. There are new VCR style buttons for play and stop. There is a new Pause button! Handy for when you are interrupted. It happens in real life, so I thought I'd put on a pause button. I've made small improvements on letting you know that the timer has finished even if you didn't hear the tone. There's also a new Information page that lets you check if you are running the latest version of the timer. Check it out and let me know what you think, and if there are improvements needed.


[For Windows] Unzip it into your local work area or other safe location.

[For Linux] Place application to where you want to run the program. Make sure to set the executable attribute!

[For Mac] I don't have a Mac so this is untested. You'll need to decompress the file. Perhaps set the executable attribute? Let me know how it runs on the Mac! I'm always looking to improve.

Keep the suggestions coming and I'll make adjustments as they come along. So turn off the email and browser and don't answer that phone for the next 25 minutes and be productive!