Fox Forward : Food and Beverage minimums? I think not.

We're coming down to the wire to decide on dates and conference facilities. My goal is to make a decision in January and to make an announcment on February 1st on the dates of the conference, prices, etc.

So, I'm working with several hotels right now that have some great conference space. Some of these hotels are "corporate" hotels that deal mostly with corporate events. They're excellent facilities but they're used to having big money, flying in attendees, food, drinks, the works! Because of this, they place requirements on minimum hotel rooms, and also food and beverage minimums. This is something I don't know. How many attendees for Fox Forward will be staying at this particular hotel? How can I answer this? This is, after all, the first Fox Forward conference.

This leads me to turn to other hotel space. I'm still excited about some of these other spaces however. Excellent space, excellent hotels, excellent amenities, excellent location, great area restaurants, great area attractions. I'm gathering the the contracts now and pouring over the details.

We're hoping to be a different type of conference. Part "Code Camp", part traditional conference, part something else. The future of FoxPro is bright indeed. I'm hoping to see you at Fox Forward 2006! Stay tuned!