FoxForward 2007 - Post Conference + 1 day

I apologize that I haven't completed my blog entries during the conference. I have my notes, and I'll get them published as soon as possible.

I wanted to make a note this morning though, to thank everyone that made FoxForward possible. First Kim, my wife, because she worked so hard for no benefit to herself except that she knew that FoxForward was one of my dreams. My father, Bill, showed up at 7am each morning to help keep me from going completely bonkers to set up the projectors, get the schedules out, and register the attendees. The speakers who volunteered their time, knowledge, talent, and a part of their life to create a work of art, their presentations, and presented them to the members of their community. The sponsors for financial and material assistance. Without the sponsors the conference would have been *much* more expensive, and in many cases, much less fun in receiving give-aways. And to the attendees, I say thank you. I hope this makes the Fox and technology community a little stronger just by getting together on a September weekend in beautiful Alpharetta, Georgia.

More notes coming in the next day or so. Stay tuned.