Google Video - Having some trouble with the beta

I was creating some screencasts the other day. Editing video is still a work in progress on Linux when working with the FOSS offerings, I'm afraid. Kino kept crashing on me. But anyway, this is about Google Video.

I finally get my MPEG version of the video where it is acceptable, and I use the Google video uploader. I set the properties of the video, categories and what-not, and it begins converting it and ... fails. No reason. Just fails. I uploaded a different movie, an AVI file, and it never has appeared. When I tried to upload it again, it said that the file was already online.

Beta software. I'm sure they'll get the kinks worked out eventually.

I like how Google Video works though; longer videos, larger sizes than Eventually, there be lots of sites with competative features. I'll just have to publish SWF (Flash) files to my own site in the mean time.