I Read Blogs.

Yes, it's true. I get much of my information based on blogs and links to other sites from blogs. Considering that most of the mainstream news is the same from site to site to site, I only need to read one news site, and I feel as if I've read them all. CNN is the same as the BBC which seems to be the same as ABC which is very similar to even ... gasp ... Drudge. I'm beginning to believe that Bloggers are becoming the fourth branch of government, the way the press was *supposed* to be.

It seems like I can find "deeper" news by mining blogs of people that I respect. I was using the news reader through Thunderbird, but that wasn't really doing the trick for me anymore. Some blogs weren't showing up properly, and there were a couple of other minor annoyances.

So what's a blog reader to do? Being a MEPIS user, I remember seeing a RSS reader somewhere in my menu ... search ... search. What's this?!? Akregator? Cool. I'm up and running in *minutes* and it's looking good so far. One change that I made immediately was to switch from Konqueror to Firefox for the browser. Simple change in the settings section. Thank you KDE team!!! I'll give an update on Akregator in a couple of days.