Monday's goings on

I'm still trying to get my feet underneath me at work after the big upgrade. Lots of users are calling in with login problems. It is turning out that about half of these issues are that people aren't typing in their passwords correctly. However, because the new login requirements are more strict, more of these calls are getting escalated up to me.

Kim turned in her notice yesterday with her day job. She's going to be a county employee too! She's going to work at the animal shelter which is a sort of dream job for her. She'll be keeping their books, ordering supplies, apply for grants, and help on special events and fund raisers. She's joining a winning team. We love our county animal shelter. They do an amazing job and it all starts with a simple premise: they give a damn about the animals, their health and how they are treated. An amazing team over there.

We got Griffin his first credit card. He needed one before he went off to college. We'll go out to buy something to make sure it's working. Once he enters college, we'll get a credit card on his own account. It is a way to build credit.

Later today it is off to get an oil change in the Toyota Avalon. I normally take it to the dealership but they drive the car like they're a movie stunt-man. This might be the last time. I wish I had an in-car camera to record what is really going on when they're whipping my car around the lot. Frustrating not to be able to trust them.