Windows Mobile 5.0 Revealed, Pocket PC and Smartphone Retired

Click here for the AP article Microsoft Unveils New Windows Mobile.

Ouch #1: It also marks another change of course in Microsoft's long-evolving strategy to extend the dominance of its Windows computer platform to mobile devices.

Ouch #2:

The updated version of Mobile Windows also serves as another example of Microsoft seeking to barge into a hot new sector where it's late to the party - much as it responded to the Netscape Navigator Web browser with Internet Explorer and to the Palm Pilot with Pocket PC.

My own "Ouch": As the database industry is languishing, I have considered moving into the smart device arena. It's a good thing I never did. The PDA craze petered out (or should I say "matured"), the whole phone environment is really fractured. Of course this kind of confusion and difficulty leads to higher development rates for programmers. Life is too short to be worried about your livelihood being swept out underneath you by the changing whims of the development tool companies. Why am I a programmer again? I wonder sometimes.